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Here are a few of the highlights of the Global Travel Plus Program:

Single Point Of Service

One phone call is all it takes to activate our powerful resources.

No Chargebacks

No surprises here.  We pay for all the services we perform.

No Geographical Exclusions.

Our services are available anywhere on the globe regardless of geographic location or political climate.  In today's rapidly changing world, that's an important comfort while traveling.

No Maximum Limits For Any Services

There is not financial limit on our assistance.  You're protected.  Period.

Medically-Trained, Multilingual Operations Center Accessible 24/7

Assistance anytime, anywhere, in any language.  24 hours a day. 365 days a year.  The difference really is in the details.  Make the smarted choice for your travels.  Choose Global Travel Plus for these numerous other advantages.

No Exclusions For Extreme Sports Or Hazardous Hobbies.

It doesn't matter if you're climbing a mountain, white-water rafting, or diving with sharks.  You're protected with Global Travel Plus.

No Exclusions For Pre-Existing Conditions.

Heart conditions, diabetes, cancer... there is no fine print about pre-existing conditions accompanying our services.

Why You Need Travel Assistance

"I've already purchased trip insurance."

"I'm only traveling across the country and I've got great medical coverage already."

"I've been overseas countless times and I've never experienced an emergency."

All of those things may be true. However, emergencies do happen. Trip insurance can apply to trip cancellations only. Sometimes, even the best medical coverage may not provide the full scope of services you need in an emergency; even if your out of network medical expenses are included in your coverage. Even if you’ve purchased international medical insurance for a trip, there may be aspects of an emergency situation that aren’t included in that coverage.

That’s where Global Travel Plus comes in. If you have a medical emergency in an unfamiliar place, you need professionals to help you navigate through the challenges. You can rely on Global Travel Plus to refer you to a hospital or a doctor with the skills needed for your specific situation. You might need assistance with hospital admissions, or keeping your loved ones notified of your condition.

You may have lost or forgotten an important prescription. Your luggage may not arrive, resulting in interrupted itineraries and lost time trying to locate your belongings. Global Travel Plus steps in to assist in all travel emergencies.

These are the services that insurance may not provide. We offer unique peace of mind for travelers 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

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