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How We Help You

Travel Information

To help our travelers travel smart, we offer comprehensive trip information on the Global Travel Plus website. You’ll be able to review country profiles, visa requirements, immunization regulations, security advisories and more right here.

Medical Referrals

When you’re experiencing a medical emergency while traveling, you may be in unfamiliar territory. Luckily, Global Travel Plus doesn’t have any unfamiliar territories. When a call for help comes in, our medically certified, multilingual personnel can immediately evaluate and troubleshoot for any emergency situation anywhere in the world. Global Travel Plus travelers are assured of being directed to the most dependable healthcare and problem-solving resources by our highly trained team.

Medical Monitoring

Global Travel Plus remains a connected, caring and medically savvy partner through the duration of every case. We’re there for you, maintaining regular communication with you and your medical team. We closely monitor the quality and course of your treatment and stay in touch with your family, relaying important information as needed and providing support during a confusing and unsettling time.

Lost Luggage Assistance

Your lost luggage is a nuisance and can cause you to rearrange itineraries and restrict your travel plans. Global Travel Plus works with airlines to recover and deliver lost bags.

Transportation To Join Patient

Illness or injury while away from home can be highly stressful and often intimidating. You’re in unfamiliar surroundings, with doctors you don’t know and, if you’re traveling alone your loved ones aren’t by your side providing the support you need.  At the same time, loved ones back home are often worried. Global Travel Plus understands how important it can be for a patient to have a family member or friend present during a crisis.  That’s why a key part of our services is to arrange and pay the transportation costs for a loved one to join you if you’re expected to be hospitalized for more than seven days.

It’s safe to say that you will know where you’re traveling, but you may not know the medical care available there. The quality of healthcare varies tremendously throughout the world -- and even in the U.S. An important part of our services is staying up-to-date on medical facilities and resources across the globe. We know what’s available and where. If you become ill or experience an injury in an area where appropriate care is unavailable, Global Travel Plus steps in, using whatever equipment and personnel are necessary to transport you to the care you need. Global Travel Plus pays for the full cost of any evacuation, including medical treatment while in transport.

Expatriate Coverage/Insurance

Letter Of Coverage

Global Travel Plus provides a letter of coverage outlining the evacuation, repatriation and return of mortal remains coverage far exceeding the minimum requirements to obtain a visa. Global Travel Plus’s involvement also expedites visa approvals.

Foreign Hospital Admission Acceptance

Healthcare in other countries can be complicated.  Unlike the U.S., the majority of countries in the world maintain a non-obligatory response towards healthcare. That means that medical treatment -- even in the event of an emergency -- is provided based on a patient’s ability to pay for it, not as a basic human right. Keep in mind that most domestic health insurance cards have very little significance or recognition in foreign lands. As an international traveler experiencing a medical emergency, Global Travel Plus will facilitate your admittance to a foreign hospital.

Prescription Assistance

If you forget to pack your toothbrush for a trip, your solution is as easy as buying a new one. If you forget to pack your prescription medication, or it’s been misplaced, the solution won’t be quite so simple. Global Travel Plus works with your prescribing physician and a pharmacy in your travel vicinity to replace your important medications. If it becomes necessary, we will arrange for you to see a local doctor for a new prescription.

Global Travel Plus also offers a Prescription Discount Program with up to 65% savings on more than 60,000 brand name and generic drugs. Accepted at 59,000 pharmacies throughout the United States, simply download the Global Travel Plus Mobile App and show your prescription discount ID card to the pharmacist at the time of purchase.

Care Of Minor Children

What if you’re traveling with your children when experiencing a medical emergency?  Global Travel Plus is there to help if you become sick or injured while traveling with your minor children.  We’ll make sure they aren’t left unattended during your emergency.  We’ll arrange for them to return home to a family member or we’ll arrange for local childcare. If your emergency requires an extended absence away from your children, we’ll make sure to find a solution that works for your situation -- either transporting your children to another family member, or bringing a family member to your home.

Great news! The doctors have told you that you can return home!  Unfortunately, after a medical emergency that may not be as simple as just boarding a plane.  Sometimes the physical challenges of a journey are fairly demanding after illness or injury.  When deemed medically necessary, Global Travel Plus will provide transportation home or to a rehabilitation facility with a medical or non-medical escort as required. We travel with you from start to finish.

Return of Remains

In the unfortunate event that a traveler passes away while traveling, Global Travel Plus will arrange and pay for the necessary paperwork, body preparations and transport to bring the remains home. Families who have experienced loss of a loved one have consistently thanked us for offering this service; saying it is a source of true comfort both emotionally and financially in times of great sadness.

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